2. Choose your data file to upload or drag and drop file 

3. Select the sample you want to relate your file to

4. Choose Measurement Type, in this case we are using the Elemental Composition physical measurement. 


5. Then, please choose the instrument you generated your file with, in this example we've chosen Electron Probe Microanalyser 89 and use the default Parser.



6. One all 3 ticks are coloured, click Apply, check the parser status and then click Relate All

6. Go to the sample you related the file to. Here you can watch your heatmap and adjust its axes by clicking on Edit Chart button. On top, you can see the color bar lying horizontally

7. The X,Y coordinates are responsible for the pixel location and the Z coordinate holds the values being mapped to colors. In case you have multiple Z-axes, you can pick any of them in the Z axis drop-down list. When you are satisfy with the result, click Save

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