Don't know where to start?
Here is a quick guide for you - enjoy!

 1. Press the Plus button and select the "New analysis" option


2. Select the sample and then the measurement that you want to analyze


3. Type in a description for your analysis (Optional)

4. Choose your preferred analysis tool*

* Note! 

If the analysis tool field is disabled, it indicates that there isn't an available analysis tool for the selected measurement. In this case, you should contact your lab master in order to initialize an adequate analysis tool. 

5. Type in your parameters' values and press "Analyse"  (Feel free to use the E-notation, i.e 1e-7)

 6. Select the results you want to save and press 'Save'

7. Once finished, your analysis can be found as an item in your sample
(same sample which contains the measurement you analyzed)

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