Hey, it's Yulia from Materials Zone. 

I want to show you how you can periodically and carefully download all the data that you upload to the platform.

(1) Go to My Samples page, and select all the samples that you want to download by clicking on the relevant checkboxes. It's possible to download individual samples and multiple samples.

(2) Click on the Download Selected Files button.

(3) Choose a custom name for the downloaded files, or click on Download.

(4) Find the .zip folder on your computer and open it/extract the files from it.

(5) Finally, open the folder with the extracted files to find all the measurement, protocol, and analysis objects that belong to the downloaded sample(s). Arrange them according to your needs.

Hold on! 

(1) You can use our mix-and-match download options.
It's possible to download a single item from an individual sample, multiple items from an individual sample, and even all the items from an individual sample, together with a single item from another sample. 😉

(2) You can also download individual samples by opening the Sample Options menu on the right, and clicking on Download Sample. You won't have to give a custom name for the files that will be immediately downloaded

(3) It's also possible to download the source and processed files of individual measurements at any time. You can do that by opening a parsed measurement under a specific sample, and clicking on the Download button.

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